Our Service is our creative mind, our knowledge gathered
over the years during education and work experience.
Doesn’t matter how small or silly ideas are,
we’d like to help!

On a random rainy afternoon, I was cleaning my room and found an old school atlas and thought by myself ‘phiew what a waste of paper, use a couple years, collect some dust on a shelf, get rid of it in the paper bin… But what if? And that’s when the first envelope was made. Over the years the production was perfected to give any old paper a worthy second life. The love for reusing paper grew and soon there were cards, notebooks, garlands and decorations. In the process not only creating unique and one of a kind products but slimming the waste pile. Books on flea markets and in the second hand shops were rescued from a lifetime of dust collecting! Now STUDIO VONK brings all graphic design ideas to life and we LOVE to collaborate with you!

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